Volleyball Rules Violations

Volleyball is a team sport comprising of six players on each team. It is played in a volleyball court with players separated by a net. A score is registered when one team grounds the ball on the opponent’s court or violates the set rules. Therefore, both players and coaches need to be aware of such rules to avoid frustrating moments during the game.

This article outlines the volleyball basic rules that earn opponents points when violated. When you practice vollyball you should emphasise them.

Stepping On or Across the Service Line

It is a violation of volleyball rules to step on or across the service line as you make contact with the serve. If this happens during the game, the opponent’s team is awarded a score.

Failure to Serve the Ball Over the Net

When a player is serving, the ball must pass over to the opponents’ court. Otherwise, the opponents get a point.

Touching the Net with Any Part the Body

While the ball is in progress and a player touches the net with any part of the body, the opponent is rewarded a point. This rule doesn’t apply where the ball reaches into the net with a force that causes it to contact an opposing player.

Crossing the Court Centerline

When a player crosses the centerline, he/she violates the volleyball rules. This gives a score to the opponent team. As far as hand and foot are concerned, it must be entire hand or foot crossing for the rule to be violated.

Serving Out Of Order

During the game, all players act as per the orders of the referee. When a player serves out of order, it results in a point on opponents. This means the player should act within the referee orders.

As a player, these are some of the basic rules you need to observe to assist your team to win.